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Types of advice

Script preview/review:

A script for a novel, movie or TV-production will be (p)reviewed on military items.  The script will be assessed on the following items (if required and dependant on the purpose of the script):

- Historical perspective (fact or fiction)

- Uniforms

- Equipment

- Unit formation(s)

- Title's

- Language features

- Cultural, ethnic or national features

- Location(s)

- Climate, terrain, urban area's (including flora and fauna)

- The bigger picture



On location/site preview:

On location preview includes advice regarding film-set's, wardrobe, props, equipment, military acting. behaviour, weathering, (scale)modelling and environment, besides all items already included/described in Script preview/review.



Scenario advice:

 If you are stuck with the story-line, or you are in demand of new inspiration, look no further!

If you have gap's that need to be filled in your war-time story, please let me know.

After thorough research a (possible) solution will be offered. Let me know what you are looking for, and what it is you want to express. Solutions will fit your story-line, regardless the era or master scenario.