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Examples of spoof's, goof's & errors

Examples are given as separate entries with no chronological or alphabetical order (for now).

I'll restrain myself to details that were not reported before at sites as IMDb or Wikipedia as of yet.

(This site will be updated daily, so expect a large quantity of examples to be added soon.)


Although an excellent (TV) movie, the American movie "Colditz" made in 2005 has some flaws exposed to the detailled eye:


The 1979 released movie "Zulu Dawn" was actually a very well casted masterpiece. It actually gave you the atmosphere of colonial Africa. Somehow some errors slipped through this magnificent production:

Already mentioned the movie is rather well made, however some other flaws came to my attention:


A movie from a different kind: War of Resistance (2011). After watching the movie for 5 minutes the  errors started to pile up in rapid pace...


(2 examples, i rest my case)



The excellent classic 1972 British TV-series Colditz was remarkably good in details. Just some little errors i noticed......



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